Authentic Gypsy Dray Cart For Sale

I went to the AZ State Dressage Championships yesterday to hang out with my friend Peggy and cheer on her stallion, Eclipse:Eclipse and Anne did great and placed in their class. He was the only Gypsy competing, and although there seems to be a bit of prejudice on the part of some of the Warmblood crowd against a short stocky horse competing in  a sport designed for the lean & lanky, most people loved seeing him there. He definitely draws a crowd, and comparatively is so. much. calmer. than his hot-blooded cohorts, you'd never guess by his demeanor that he is (definitely!) a stallion. Nothing phases him. In fact, Peggy was telling me a story about bathing him in the wash rack at home, when a big branch of her Palo Verde tree broke off with a huge crack, and part of it landed on Eclipse's head. He didn't even flinch; just thought he'd gotten an early lunch delivery and started munching away. That's what makes Gypsy horses so AWESOME. :)Anywho, I was on my way home and saw a furniture store having a going out of business sale, so I thought I'd check it out. They are one of those places that just buys containers full of stuff from all over the world, and look what they have - an authentic antique gypsy cart! Pretty cool, huh? I couldn't believe it. They have it marked at a stupidly high price and I told the lady they're crazy if they think they're going to get that much for it. But I still think its cool. The real deal.Personally, I think it's very negotiable. If you are interested, contact me and I will put you in touch with the salesperson.Here are the pics. Click the images below to go through the slideshow. I tried to get as many shots as I could but just using my iphone in poor lighting makes for less-than-stellar images. Try to look closely, though - there is so much detail, the decorative painting, all kinds of little iron finials, and mechanical parts. It even has the shafts intact. There is some type of writing on the back, but I have no idea what language it is, and the store does not know the country of origin. My guess is Romania. Any guesses? Leave a comment! At any rate, it's interesting just to be able to see a piece of history.Have a great week! xo Heidi